Bike Bridge.

Bike Bridge


social isolation

Bike Bridge was initiated with the aims to tackle social isolation of female asylum seekers and refugees and to pave the way for  their social integration in the new environment.


community building and participation

Bike Bridge promotes intercultural dialouge between refugees, people with a migrant background and the local population. We bring people together  and actively work to build a cohesive community.


Cycling for Everyone

Riding a bike

in theory and practice

Over the course of three months, 12 participants and 10 trainers meet twice a week to learn how to ride a bike both in theory and practice. Language learning games and a variety of pedagogical games and activities complete the package.

Fasten your helmets

and discover the city

At the end of each course we set out to discover the city and its surroundings. We will practice cycling in urban traffic and afterwards stop for some delicious ice cream or a small picnic.


and repair

In our repair workshops we teach the basics of bike repair and maintenance such as replacing an inner tube or adjusting the brakes. At the end, each participant receives a certificate and their very own bike including a helmet and a bike lock.

Having fun

on and off the bike

When we’re not riding our bikes we have an array of other activities on offer: cooking events, movie nights or picnics to name just a few. Each course holds a small, individual farewell party in the final session. The festivities culminate in a big summer party where participants and coaches as well as friends and family come together to celebrate another successful Bike Bridge season.

what we offer

our concept

our impact

we thank


Do you want to support us or become a part of Bike Bridge? We are always looking for volunteers who either become trainers for one of our cycling courses or help out with the maintenance of our bikes. Donations in all forms are greatly appreciated as well. Get in touch by using our contact form, give us a call or just swing by our office.