our concept

Cycle Courses .

In our cycle courses 10 volunteer trainers and 12 participants meet twice a week to practice cycling together. Each course consists of 16 sessions and we start with the very basics because a lot of our participants have never ridden a bike before.  Balance and coordination exercises are the first step, we then move on to scooters and walking bikes and once that is dialed in we finally bring out the bikes. There is, however, more going on that just cycling in our courses. We play lots of games, practice German,  get to know each other and generally just have a good time.

Traffic laws + closed course practice.

Once each participant is well versed on the bike we throw in a theoretical session to learn about the most important traffic laws and give some advice about how to safely ride in urban traffic. This is followed by three sessions on a closed course where the participants find a safe space to apply what they have learned. Step by step they get ready for riding in real traffic.

Bike rides.

Towards the end of our season we finally venture out to explore the city and its surroundings. The bike rides include picnics, ice creams stops and loads of fun. And of course we practice how to cycle safely in urban traffic.

Bike maintenance workshops.

In one of the session, both trainers and course participants learn how to perform basic bike repair and maintenance such as adjusting the brakes or changing an inner tube. We also make sure that all the bikes are in roadworthy condition and can safely be purchased by the course participants at the end of the season.

Final training session & end of season party.

In the last session both participants and coaches receive a certificate and practice together one last time. The season culminates in a big end of season party where participants, trainers, friends and family members come together to celebrate another successful Bike Bridge season with music, food and fun.

Other activities.

Just because the Bike Bridge season is over doesn’t mean our activities come to an end. For those who are interested there are still bike rides, outings, cooking events, movie nights and of course the open training sessions where everyone is welcome and no registration is needed.