our impact

  • Expertise: educational and professional backgrounds in the related field
  • Materials: bikes and equipment (helmets, lights , locks, repair tools), educational/training tools, Bike Bridge training manual
  • Human resources: volunteers and paid staff
  • Time
  • Financial resources: donations, prizes, sponsorships, fundraising
  • Relationship and networking with other projects and programmes
  • Infrastructure: bike storage room, repair workshop, transportation, office
  • Quality management & planning and development (monitoring and Evaluation, concept development, transfer strategies)

For participants:

  • Cycle courses (theoretical session and practical trainings, trainings in Verkehrsübungsplatz)
  • Repair workshops (once in each course)
  • Bike tours around the city
  • Small language units (as a part of the courses)
  • Intercultural events and activities (watching movies and making picnic, summer events)
  • Low-priced bike package (bike, helmet, locks and lights) offered at the end of each season
  • Language handbook
  • Childcare service during trainings

For volunteers:

  • Work experiences and opportunities for elevating organizational skills and competences in an intercultural environment
  • Opportunities for civic engagement
  • Educational workshops and trainings manual
  • Networking and opportunities to participate in other programs

For sport organizations and similar projects:

  • Training manuals and guidelines
  • Consulting service
  • Program development to other cities (Stuttgart and Frankfurt in 2018)
  • Scientific publications

For participants:

  • Successful inclusion of a “hard to reach” target group in a sport/recreation community program
  • Improving psychological and physical well-being (self-efficacy, reducing anxiety and stress, sense of belonging, regular physical/recreational activity)
  • Expanding Cultural knowledge, skills and competencies
  • Work opportunities in the project as trainers, organizers, and translators
  • Tackling social isolation through creating social contacts, job opportunities and overall increased
  • Increased mobility

For Volunteers:

  • Increased cross cultural competences
  • Civic engagement and active citizenship

  • Environmental benefits
  • Community building and social regeneration
  • Social mobility of female asylum seekers and refugees and their social inclusion
  • Social integration (as the result of the development and conversion of human, cultural, social and economic capital )