we thank.

Thanks to all the volunteers, donors and supporters! We could not accomplish our work without you. A special thanks goes out to our coaches for their patience, time and constant enthusiasm. And of course a big shout out to the participants of our courses for their candor and their trust.



We are thankful for their trust and their appreciation of our cause. Without the significant and ongoing support from the beginning, our idea would have stayed just that – an idea.

Thanks to our

We greatly appreciate your trust and your financial support of Bike Bridge.

Thanks for the

2017 was an exciting and eventful year for Bike Bridge. We took part in several competitions and the positive feedback and assurance was overwhelming. A huge thank you.

thanks for the

We were lucky to receive several coachings, which were not only super exciting but also immensely helpful. We have learned a lot and your support helped Bike Bridge to grow and improve.

want to become a partner?

Do you want to initiate a Bike Bridge cycling course in your city? Your company or organization would like to become a Bike Bridge partner?

We work closely together with authorities on both city and state level and cooperate with various other actors, too. Send us a request if you are interested in working with us!